Explore and learn ALOHA as we share with you the beautiful life and culture of Polynesia. Our staff of highly qualified professional instructors welcomes all with open arms. We are now introducing beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes for ages 7-Adult:

Dance class

Polynesia – First learning about the culture and dances of Polynesia
Hawaii – Hula Auana, Kahiko, & Implement/Props
Ori Tahiti – Otea & Aparima
New Zealand – Chant, Maori, Haka, & Poi ball instruction.
Samoan -Fire Knife Dance (basic prop training with no fire used in class)

Drum class

Cook Island/Tahitian Drumming – Learn about the Island percussion drums and how to play traditional dance rhythms.

Contact us soon for more information about our dance and drum studio class registration, dates, times, rates, and locations. We also offer in home or private group instruction for your convenience.