Welcome your guests with a traditional flower Lei greeting. Our hula dancers will arrive prior to the event to welcome all of your guests with friendly smiles and plenty of Aloha spirit.

– Fresh Flower Leis (direct from Hawaii)
– Silk Leis
– Affordable Plastic Party Leis

Hula Dancers

Our hula dancers are guaranteed to deliver an authentic Island experience that you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Most of our hula girls originated from the Islands of the South Pacific and are now happy to call the Midwest their home. Our hula dancers will guide your guests on an exciting tour of the South Pacific by performing several authentic hula dances and native chants from a variety Islands including Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa and more. Our hula dancers are accompanied by authentic Hawaiian implements which add percussion and a unique flavor that’s found only in the South Pacific.

Our vibrant and creative costumes allow our hula dancers set the tone for a tropical atmosphere, adding authenticity to any party or Luau event. All costumes are custom made for each of our hula dancers. Costumes include traditional, modern and native Polynesian styles, sure to “wow” every audience.

Our hula shows are appropriate for all ages and are priced affordably to fit most any budget. tahitian dancers
We perform for ALL occasions that include our popular ALOHA Polynesian show, kids activity program, and the beautiful Hawaiian wedding show. Also ask about our fun interactive audience participation show hula lessons. It’s tons of FUN!

Male Polynesian Dancers

Male Polynesian Dancers:
Polynesian roots run as deep as the Pacific in our warriors. They take great pride in upholding the cultures of the many islands they cherish.

Throughout the luau event, our boys keep audience members on their toes by shocking and astounding them with dances such as the Maori Haka of New Zealand, and the Fire Knife dance of Samoa. Although they exhibit masculine strength and prowess, they also demonstrate the subtle and beautiful cultures of Hawaii by accompanying our hula girls in Hawaiian hulas, the ancient Kahiko hula (1st hula performed by men), and the fast-paced percussion dances of Tahiti.

Our “Island warriors” create the perfect balance to our graceful hula dancers, and they’re perfect for lei greetings and photo opportunities.

Polynesian Fire Dancers

Heat up your next party with one of our professional fire dancers! We offer both male and female fire performers guaranteed to amaze any audience.

Fire Knife Dancer

Known as the Samoan “Siva Afi” or “dance of fire”, the fire knife dance has grown to become an essential part of any traditional luau show.

Originally used as a Samoan weapon, the Samoan Knife or “Ailao” was often used in a dance by Samoan warriors before battle. The dance would incite the warrior, while intimidating on-looking enemies.

It wasn’t until 1946 that a Samoan knife dancer named Freddie Letuli had the idea of “lighting up the Ailao knife” after viewing a Hindu fire eater in San Francisco. It was then that Freddie tightly wrapped a couple towels around the ends of his Ailao knife, added some fuel and the Fire Knife dance (as we know it today) was born.

Our fire knife dancers are skilled, experienced and very entertaining. The fire knife dance is a sure crowd-pleaser and the perfect finale to any show, guaranteed to leave audience members with jaws-dropped!

Fire Poi Dancer

The word “Poi” comes from our Maori cousins in New Zealand and means “ball” on a rope, cord or chain.

Maori women originally used Poi to keep their hands flexible for weaving, while the Maori men used them to increase strength and coordination that would serve them in battle.

Island Musicians

Sit back, relax and enjoy a true Polynesian/Hawaiian atmosphere with our live musicians. From a soloist to a four-piece band, we can completely customize a live music solution to suit your needs.

Our musicians fill the air with tropical ambiance created by background music prior the show, followed by thunderous island drums and upbeat energy during the show, all balanced in perfect harmony.

Featured instruments may include Ukulele, Hawaiian Guitar, Steel Guitar, Steel Drum, Tahitian Drums. or Polynesian Musician MC/DJ with CD recorded music.

Our musicians and MC/DJ’s are perfectionists, constantly rehearsing and training together to ensure the perfect integration of music and dance. This cohesiveness produces the perfect hula show, whether the music is live, or recorded CD music with fun Polynesian MC/DJ, it’s a great bonus for your next event.

Hawaiian Props

Create that perfect Luau atmosphere with Polynesian tikis, palm trees and other Hawaiian props that turn your backyard or venue into a full-blown tropic paradise.
Our props are delivered and installed professionally and offer photo opportunities that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Value Items:

Coconut Palm Trees
Tropical Flower Displays
Kahili Stands
Sunset Backdrop Banners
and so much more………..